Wine, Wire & WiFi

WWW is a multi-day camping event for the maker- and hacker community. It is located on a vineyard in Franconia, where Home of Making provides infrastructure (power, internet, sanitary). WWW is a great example of connecting the maker- and hacker culture and providing a platform for knowledge exchange, ideas, and finishing projects.

Makerflohmarkt 2021 Logo

DIY- und Makerflohmarkt

A (flea) market focused on creative DIY, makers- and hackers, featuring booth representing the ‘local’ communities and offerings from private persons. A perfect opportunity to get rid of project leftovers, tools, and your handmade stuff.

Local Events

We usually host multiple events locally throughout the year, inviting the maker- and hacker community for casual knowledge exchange over a couple of drinks and good music. These events are generally private and not communicated publicly.


Got a question about an ongoing or past event?

Get in touch with us to inquire about partnering up, a current event we are running, or a past event.
Please note that we are all volunteers – it can take a couple of days until you hear back from us.